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I guess I'm doing this now, too

I bet you are wondering where Monner has been? If you read the last post, you know that my parents are celebrating their 40th anniversary with a train trip across the great state of Colorado. You might have been surprised to read that.... Me too.

I'm not bitter....

Did you know there are exactly 11 chickens, 6 guinea hens, 4 ducks, 3 dogs, 5 llamas, 2 teenagers and a yak at the Sipes household? That is a lot of mouths to feed. I'm just telling you that so you will feel sorry for me. Why?

I'm my father's daughter.

I'm not bitter... that might sound bitter.

There is a lot of work at the store and ranch. Honestly, I don't have the best track record for being alone at the ranch.

Let's talk about it.

Elaine and Monner; Pagosa Springs, 2007: Ivy working at Cherokee Park Ranch (Where our Wild West Knitting Retreat is hosted, sign up today, you will love it.) Llama rattlesnake bite. She lived.

Elaine and Monner;Taos, NM, 2011: Girl Twin unplugged the phones and Ivy FORGOT (My blog) to call them. 4 hours later, Monner is ready to drive home from Taos, because he is worried something is wrong. (this might have been my fault but he over reacted... my blog)

Elaine and Monner; headed to Scottsbluff, 2013: The great basement flood. Dad calls it flood Monner, go back and read his take on it. I think I will rename it flood IVY. Why? Because I am high jacking his blog.

I will show him to go on vacation.

Jackson Hole, Summer, 2016: Nothing bad happened. I think my luck has turned. The bad luck went with them. Read it... It's funny.

Now it is Sunday and I know that Dad will not be home for another 24 hours. All I had to do was get Alicia new school shoes (nailed it) and get her to the doctor, three doctor's office, 4 hours and no check up..... Okay now I am bitter.

If you see my folks, tell them Happy Anniversary, 40 years is something to be proud of. Also, tell Monner Happy Birthday.

Make sure you tell him you liked my post better then his.

P.S. (to Elaine) We haven't vacuumed once ',:)

Mine, girl and boy twins crazy lives.


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