High School, the Eclipse, and a Haircut

High school has started for the twins. So far it has been an amusement park ride, full of ups and downs.

Starting at the top and headed down, Girl Twin did not make the softball team. This wasn't all that surprising. She is now competing with girls that make softball a major part of their lives. Girl Twin hasn't made that commitment.

Unfortunately, the situation with her not making the team did not endear me to the school or team. OK, I'm not that petty, listen to the story before you judge me.

The story begins with an eclipse. Seriously, I am going to tie the eclipse to softball.

I'm not a really a moon and stars kind of guy. I didn't want to walk on the moon. I don't check my horoscope. I've never seen one episode of Star Trek.

I haven't any idea why, but I was intrigued by the recent full eclipse. A few months ago when it became a popular news subject, I found I/we could travel a couple hours by car and see the darn thing. I decided I'm going.

Without checking anyones calendar, I asked the family to go with me. The entire family decided to go, even Elaine. Ivy ordered glasses.

After checking calendars, it was noticed that softball tryouts would take place during the two weeks before the eclipse. The final team roster would be decided and posted on the Friday before the eclipse.

Did I mention the day of the eclipse was also the first full day of high school. I started to wonder if the twins would really rather miss the first day of high school or go to the eclipse with me. They both picked going with me.