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National Parks, Donut Holes and Earrings

Elaine has been working on weaving her one of a kind handmade garments for the last year. Her thoughts were to have enough garments to sell in the store and at the Western Design Conference.

It came down to the last second. Elaine was literally working, sewing and placing tags in the motel room every night of the Western Design Conference. (OK, I was working also. I didn't want to say anything because I have difficulty talking about myself. Elaine wants me to work on that, but it is a low priority in my life.)

The fashion show was a great success and it is time to take some time for ourselves.

We decided to take a scenic drive home from Jackson after the show. We decided to drive through northern Wyoming before we headed home. We didn't plan taking a few extra days driving through Wyoming, just a few extra hours taking the LONG way home. We drove through portions of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. We left Jackson before breakfast and started driving through Tetons Park. It wasn't long and I mentioned to Elaine, "I could use a cup of coffee." Elaine replied, "Me too, there is a visitor center a few miles up the road. Let's stop and get something to eat, also." At the visitor center we picked up two cups of coffee and I checked off an item on my bucket list. I have always wanted to buy donut holes at a visitor center at a National Park. Check that one off. I didn't expect the donut holes to be that soggy. Hmmmm, who knew?

In Yellowstone we encountered a stop of traffic as a bison was walking on the side of the road. I have always wanted to pet a bison while it was walking down the road. I could knock off two bucket list items in less than an hour.

I didn't get to pet the bison. The National Park cops showed up. We didn't need them. Elaine had already locked the truck doors and wouldn't let me out. I guess that part of my life's dream will have to die.

Anyway, we drove through some of the most beautiful country in the world. Driving home, I noticed Elaine was deep in thought. I asked, "What's up?" Elaine replied, "I'm thinking about a new website and what I need to do for next years show." "You just can't relax, can you? Try thinking about petting a bison!"

We arrived home about dusk. Ivy and the twins greeted us before we could get in the house. Well, maybe not greeted.

Girl Twin, said, "Hi Monner, do you think that is a fire on that mountain?" That'll welcome you home. On the mountain across the road from our home was a small light flickering where we/I have never seen a light before. Elaine suggest we call the neighbor/property owner and have them go check it out.

The neighbor told Elaine, "I'm in my pajamas, I'll call the fire department." The flickering stopped.

It took about a half an hour for the volunteer fire department to arrive. I met with the fire department on the neighbor's property. We talked about how they were going to get to the fire (Now not visible) up the mountain, in the dark, around the rocks and while avoiding the snakes (We can't verify the snake part.)

The fire department was able to access the fire spot with a truck by making their own road.

The fire department called our house the next day to thank us/Girl Twin. The fire had not extinguished itself and most likely would have gotten bigger.


If you are like me and have concerns about what our children are being taught in schools, you can relax.

I can honestly report they are being taught to "safely" pierce their own ears. Yep, Boy Twin pierced his own ear, at SCHOOL!

Boy Twin came home from school with a giant fake diamond hanging off his earlobe. He informed us he used all the "safe" stuff. He used a blowgun dart, rubbing alcohol,and a cork. Even if he had wanted to hide it from Elaine and I, it would have been a problem. The "diamond" is the size of a softball. You can't hide that. I guess two other "kids" used the same lesson plan.

I've done some crazy stuff myself. "Our crazy lives." As long as he decides his earlobes are as big as they need to be, I'll be fine.

The three boys texted each other asking what each boys parents thought about their new looks. It seems one boy wasn't comfortable telling his mother about their lesson plan. He showed his mother his "wound" (he removed his earring) and told Mom, "One of the other boys shot him with a blowgun and hit me in the ear." His Mom told him, "Maybe we should put an earring in it."

Our crazy lives!


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