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Eight Thanksgivings

November is here; 2017 is rapidly coming to a close. Your Daily Fiber is celebrating its eighth year in business. Stop by and congratulate Ivy or any Sipes, for that matter.

I recently read in the local paper that sales in town are down 3.8% citywide. Thankfully, Your Daily Fiber has fared better than that.

I have given a bunch of thought as to why we at Your Daily Fiber continue to grow. On the surface it looks like Ivy deserves most of the credit.

Did you catch that? On the surface! Yes, its true that Ivy has the ability to knit any pattern and teach others to knit any pattern. Almost all knitting questions asked in Your Daily Fiber are directed to Ivy. Almost no one asks for Elaine anymore, even though Elaine taught Ivy to knit.

I can't say if this bothers Elaine. She gets asked plenty of weaving questions. Personally, I'm guessing that's enough for her. Elaine is extremely busy teaching weaving (Boy, is she busy) so she might not have time for a lot of knitting questions. See, I can make a case for Your Daily Fiber's growth for Elaine. But I don't think Elaine is totally responsible for our growth.

Before I give Ivy and Elaine credit for everything good at Your Daily Fiber, I would like to talk about what I bring to this family run business.

I get asked plenty of questions myself. Just last week, Elaine asked me, "Hey, do we have any hand soap for the restroom?" Ivy asked me, "Hey Monner, could you get me some of the small, decorated bags and put them under the sales counter?" As you can see, I have some pretty important jobs that relate to our success.

I have to admit, that some of the questions I'm asked have nothing to do with our success. Ivy asked me yesterday, "You have two pairs of shoes behind the sales counter. Could you get them out of here?" I don't feel shoes behind the sales counter hinder yarn sales. This is a glaring example of Ivy worrying about things that have nothing to with success.

Questions like that make a person feel under-appreciated. Starting Your Daily Fiber was my idea. The Wild West Knitting Retreat; my idea. The upcoming Valentine's Trunk Show; my idea. (Oh-oh, that was supposed to be a secret.) Monner's Mumblings; oh yeah, that was Ivy's idea. (Hey, come to think of it, Monner's Mumblings doesn't sell yarn either. That's why Ivy tries to direct me every Sunday.)

OK, back to the point. We would like to thank you guys for keeping us here for the past eight years. I hope you see we're all pretty good at what we do. Thank you for noticing.

Happy Thanksgiving from your Daily Fiber and the entire Sipes family!

Our crazy lives!


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