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Helmet Liners and Good Ideas

It's holiday time at Your Daily Fiber. I hope the season finds you happy and healthy. There is a lot of craziness out there.

Ivy and Elaine have decided to dedicate the season to helping the military. Ivy (and Elaine) are involved in a program to provide helmet liners to soldiers deployed in the cold parts of the world. Even though I had some incredible ideas to help the program, I have been asked to take a back seat in the planning.

The rules for these helmet liners are pretty strict. The liners need to be specific colors, material and very plain in their construction.

I asked, "Why don't we spruce them up?" That's when I was asked to go sit down. Actually, I didn't get asked anything. Actually, Ivy told me, "You need to get some yarn dyed for a customer. Please get in the dye room."

I had some pretty good "sprucing up" ideas. Sadly, Ivy and Elaine out voted me. The twins voted, however, their votes were disallowed, due to the fact that they are only fifteen years old. I would had won 3 to 2, had the twins votes not been suppressed.

Me: Hey, these liner are only gray, tan, brown and black. Why don't we add some REAL color? Ivy: They need to be those specific colors. Me: Those colors look like Elaine designed those liners. I think the soldiers would appreciate some color. Ivy: Would you please go dye the customer's yarn? Me: We should add a pom-pom! Ivy: For God's sake! Go dye the yarn!

Once again, I can't help the store. But you can. Contact the store. We can send you the pattern and the details. We can send you the yarn or you can pick it up at your local store. Stay away from the South American Rivers when ordering yarn. Not a knitter? Give yarn to someone who is.

I've need to go before Ivy finds out I'm not in the dye room.

Our crazy lives!


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