Bonnie and Clyde, Sacajawea, and Ivy

Hey, it’s March 4th. Let’s all march forth and accomplish great things today.

If you read these stories, you probably have noticed the stories are written about a family-owned yarn store in Northern Colorado. OK, not all of them. Ok, not very many of them.

Believe me; I try to write about yarn. It’s tough. Ivy reminds me, “You didn’t write about the store.” Ivy suggests I read blogs from other stores and follow their lead. I try! I’ve read yarn blogs from all over the United States.

Those blogs talk about what new yarns the store is getting. Some of the store talk about their “knit night”. The blogs mention who is teaching fiber arts in their stores. Some blogs have chocolate chip cookie recipes.

Well, Your Daily Fiber has new yarns. We have a “knit night”. We have teachers, really good ones! That recipe thing is a problem. I guess, if I need to add chocolate chip cookie recipes, I this one,

Buy a bag of Chocolate Chips

Follow recipe on back of the bag.

Eat the cookies.

We have something in our blog I haven’t found in any other blog. High-school aged twins!