Learners Permits, Career Change and a Billionaire

I’ve need to get back to the Sunday morning stories. I just can’t get used to this mid-week stuff. I think you guys are also on the Sunday schedule and don’t have time to read during the week. Anyway, here we go.

The twins have reached the age where they can drive, providing they get their learners permit.

They actually could have received their learners permit a few months ago. Elaine and I didn’t exactly push the twins to drive. Elaine and I had our reasons although we didn’t agree.

Elaine, the practical one, saw the increased family costs. Insurance, gas, and cars. I could see all those things also, but truthfully, I have been teaching and letting the kids drive for years.

Hey, when you are as old as I am and live where I live, you had better have someone who can throw your (construction language) in the car and get you to the hospital. Boy Twin has been driving these dirt covered mountain roads from the time he could see over the steering wheel.

Anyway, the twins have recently shown an interest in getting learners permits. Getting permits these days, is confusing compared to when I was learning to drive? Driver’s training was offered by the school system when I was a kid. Sometime between then and now, the laws were changed and kids learning to drive must enroll in state registered driving school.

I’m not sure, but I would guess some state legislator had a relative that needed a job. This relative convinced this state legislator to write a law taking Driver’s Ed. out of the