Shampoo, Silk Yarn and Mother's Day

It’s Mother’s Day, and I will talk about that in a minute. First, I need to talk about some more important. You guessed it, shampoo!

As a child, my weekly bath included a thorough hair washing with a beautiful green shampoo called Shrell. OK, that sentence probably has you asking a couple questions


First, if you are under fifty-five years old, you may need to Google, Shrell. (Not it’s real name. We don’t endorse products here.)

Yes, my brothers and I took baths. We had a shower in the house, but we did not have a shower curtain. My brothers and I did not share bath water, at least not all five of us. Bath water was used for no more than three of the Sipes brothers. It was advantageous to be the first brother to take a bath, but not necessary. Baths were never enjoyable, regardless of position in line.

It was not the so much the bath that was miserable, it was the hair washing. My parent always bought a bright Kelly green (We are going to talk about Kelly green in a couple minutes. I will be using “construction language”.) I understand why my parents used this shampoo. It was advertised on television. It had nice packaging. It made nice suds. It was used on things other than hair. It washed dishes, car bumpers and kitchen floors.

When Shrell suds happened to get in your eyes, your eyes were bloodshot until the next bath day.

Eventually, my parents put another shower in our house. Yes, we installed a shower in our basement before we bought a shower curtain for the upstairs bathroom.