It's Not Over

Before we get started on something new, I think I should take the time to close out the story of our Salida Art Show saga.

It turns out our water well did not dry up after all. What really happened was our pump had electrical problems. Without getting too technical, an electrical problem outside the house created an electrical problem inside the house, which resulted in the pump not being able to bring water from underground into the house. The truly great news is once the electric problems were corrected, we have more water than we have had since we bought the house.

Coming back from Salida was not without its challenges. First, I needed to get my brother’s truck(s) back so he could use them in his concrete business. My nephew and I anticipated the truck pulling the trailer would overheat going home. It did! Leaving early in the morning, taking advantage of the cool mountain air, helped a little. Of course, as the day got warmer, so did the truck. Need