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The Summer of the Empty-Nest

I was told by an employer many years ago, “Someone will say something so powerful to you in a conversation and it will it will shape your life. If you went to them later, they would not even remember the conversation.” I can tell you he was right.

Something my mother said to me is an exact example of what my employer was talking about. My mother said to me, “Be careful what you wish for!” After seven decades of life and two batches of kids, I know exactly what she meant.

With the twins entering their sophomore year, Elaine and I have been discussing what life will bring when we are “empty-nesters”. (Buy yarn at Your Daily Fiber) This summer has become the summer of the “empty-nest”. The sleep overs have become so frequent and long it is like we need a new batch of kids.

Boy Twin has been staying in town, helping a friend’s family build a shop/barn/man-cave. Elaine and I thought it might be nice to have Boy Twin learn some carpentry skills, while learning what it is like to actually need to get up and go to work. (Take a weaving class from Elaine at Your Daily Fiber.) He loves it and doesn’t want to come home.

It appears Elaine and I are learning the most obvious lesson. We are learning what “empty-nesting” is all about. One would think I/we would get some solace from the fact Boy Twin’s sister, Girl Twin is still home. Nope, she has been at sleep over in town also. (Only two spots left for the Your Daily Fiber/Cherokee Park-Wild West Knitting Retreat.) Our house has been empty.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but Mom was right. I have learned wishing for the kids to move on, may not be something that is that great. Who’s going to feed the dogs? (Stop by Your Daily Fiber and take a look at the new “Dyed by Darrell” yarns.) I’m going to be gathering the eggs, myself. Who will we have dinner with?

Of course, Elaine won’t be asking, “Have you done your homework?” Elaine and I won’t be sharing data with teenagers. (Your Daily Fiber sells Kromski spinning wheels and looms, as well as Harrisville Looms and accessories.) We won’t be taking the twins into town for sleep overs.

I’m not sure this “empty-nest thing” is going to be that great. (Ivy is ready for you to sign up for a class. She can help you.) This “test” summer has not been that fun.

I will apologize to Ivy for not writing a “yarn” blog. However, I will mention the Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl starts July 28th. Did I ever mention I make the BEST mango salsa?

Our crazy lives!


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