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Don and Dan and a Singer

OK, quickly now! My foot is fine. I no longer need bandages, anti-biotic ointments or a wooden soled shoe. My podiatrist gave permission to return to my previous life. Of course, she wants to see me in three months, which will be after the first of the year and I can start my health insurance deductible all over again.

My new construction job is getting interesting. The entire job was supposed to last two weeks. I’ve been there two weeks, and it looks like I will need to be there at least another six weeks. It has turned out to be a great job.

As you remember, I am adding windows in a fitness center. (Or at least, that is what I’m supposed to be doing.) This fitness center is directly across the street from a retirement village. Hundreds (literally) of retirees work out at the fitness center. A few are there to talk to me.

One “old” guy comes in every morning, talks with me and then rides a recumbent bike. It hurts me to call him an “old” guy. Let me explain. Don spent more than forty years of his life as a CPA in Iowa. He retired in the year 2000. Don loves to tell stories. When he tells stories, Don says things like, “Guys our age”. I look around to see who is included in, “Guys our age”; and I’m the only other guy there. Just Don and me, “Guys our age.” I’m pretty sure Don is at least twenty years older than me. It’s nice to be included in his group, but come on! I’m not even old enough to live in his retirement village or play on his (construction language) golf team. Yes, Don plays golf 200 days a year. This guy is amazing.

The fitness center has televisions mounted on the walls. I’m not sure, I don’t think they were intended for me, but they do help pass time. The fitness center management does not let me change channels. The retirees and I watch the stock market reports, sports and the news.

I have made another friend at the fitness center. Dan was hired by the federal government after he got out of college. He was then laid off by the federal government. He told me it worked out pretty well after he was laid off. He became an Episcopal priest. He’s a good guy that loves his Sooners and his Broncos.

These “old” guys (and gals) will tell you stories if you listen. Not every "old" guy gets up on Sunday mornings to write a story. Most people would rather play golf.

I am getting a little construction done. Key word is “little”. I could use a good masonry contractor, but until I find one I’ll just watch Bear News with Don and Dan.


November 10th. Nine years ago, at our Grand Opening we brought in live music. Oh, it was no big deal. It was a family friend that did pretty good (excellent) covers of Springsteen and Dylan songs. He says he’s coming back on November 10th.

Refreshments? We’ve got ‘em. Or at least we are going to get them. Ivy wants to have yarn sales. (Like reduce the price on selected yarns; yarn sales.) We’ve got a couple extra surprises. It should be fun. Bring your friends!

Our crazy lives!


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