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Phil and a New Cabinet

It is a beautiful Spring day here in Northern Colorado. The Colorado sun is pouring through the window as I type.

One particular day, this past February the dogs woke me very early. After I let the dogs out, I made myself a pot of coffee and sat down at the computer. I saw a live stream of what looked like some kind of festival coming from the woods of Pennsylvania. There were thousands of people watching a bunch of guys in Abe Lincoln hats waiting to pull a chubby looking rodent out of a fake tree.

I don’t know why I didn’t change what I was watching, but I didn’t. I watched two Abe Lincoln hat wearers pull the rodent out of the fake tree and everyone cheered. For split second, I wondered if the two Abes were some kind of hunters and they were going to sell this rodent to a major hotel chain where the rodent would be turned into sausage, then served at a continental breakfast in Colorado.

That was not to be. This group of hat wearers think this chubby rodent can predict when spring starts. The thousands of spectators? They are there hoping to get to wear a hat.

I am now amazed at how right nature can be. I remember hearing Native Americans could predict the severity of winter by the length of hair on horses. Well, things have changed. I don't know why we don't just look at the horses, but we don't. Today, we get some men to put on special hats and ask a chubby rodent, “Hey, is it Spring?” (Why is it always men?)

I don’t have a special hat, but I’m here to tell you, it is beautiful here in Northern Colorado today. Of course, you might need to look past the fact that there is more than 12” of snow on the ground, and the temperature is minus seven degrees (Fahrenheit). The sunshine is really making this day great. (Elaine just closed the blinds.)

Elaine’s not a springtime person. Her favorite season is autumn, which is why she knits with brown yarn. (At this moment, she is across the table, knitting with brown yarn. I amaze myself how well I know her.)

I mentioned yarn, which is exactly why I write this stuff. Tomorrow, Ivy is bringing in a new line of yarn to the store. I don’t know anything about the yarn. Once again, I was left out of the decision-making meeting to determine what yarns we sell.

I had other responsibilities. I was ALLOWED to stop by the giant blue store with the yellow sign and pick up a new cabinet to display the yarn. I didn’t have a voice in what the cabinet looked like, but I did get to carry it and load it in my truck. That's what is great about family businesses. Everyone has a job to do. Mine is usually the (construction language) one, no one else wants to do.

Stop by the store soon, Ivy can show you the new yarn. I can’t answer any questions about the yarn at this point, but I will tell you the display cabinet is heavy. Not only did I load it in my truck, I unloaded it at the store. Oh yeah, then I moved it around the store. The cabinet is heavy. Ivy asked if I was going to put it together. I told her no! Do you blame me?

Come see us!

Our crazy lives!


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