Next Week

I thought this was going to be a relaxing weekend. Ivy had other ideas. Ivy decided we should open the store today. We all know Ivy is quite capable of opening the store herself but when Ivy asks, “Hey Dad, do you want to hang out in the store with me Sunday?”, what do you do?

I was confused, we are not normally open on Sunday. I wondered what she was up to. Ivy reminded me this was Yarn Fest weekend. I thought my Yarn Fest responsibilities ended a couple years ago, when we made the decision to not participate in Yarn Fest.

Ivy: There are plenty of customers from out of town. I’m going to open Sunday to give them the opportunity to come in Sunday. Me: What does that mean to me? I stay home and write stories on Sunday. Ivy: We have a computer in the store, you could write in the store. Me: Maybe someone would see me writing and want me to autograph something! Ivy: Maybe I should ask Mom to come with me.