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Good Friday, Starting the Tractor, Dyeing Yarn

I’ve had a couple Friday’s off from work recently. My construction world merged with my yarn world this past Friday. I’m not sure how I feel about it.

I took an extra day off from construction for Elaine’s 30 years of service luncheon a couple Fridays ago. It was great, not the luncheon part, the day off part. Oh, the luncheon was okay. It was great having Elaine being honored like that.

I might have even shed a couple tears, had Girl Twin not noticed I was getting a little misty in the eyes and asked me, “Are you crying?” I pulled my sunglasses down and answered, “No!” She rolled her eyes and called me a wimp.

Had I broken down, I would have blamed it on the engineer speakers trying to be funny and not because I was so proud of my wife of 42 years. Imagine the pain of listening to engineers laughing about knowing the names of power pole parts. Painful! (After the speeches, one of the department heads complained to Elaine that no one said anything funny about him. I have news for him. No one said anything funny about anyone.)

Okay, I’m am not writing today about my sensitive, wimpy side. I am writing about a couple Fridays. Before I get started can I say sometimes I dislike teen-agers.

After luncheon Friday the very next Friday (this past Friday) was Good Friday. I happen to work for a Christian company that gives Good Friday as a paid holiday. Of course, I can choose to keep my personal jobsite active, yeah right, like I’m going to do that! I was so excited I left early Thursday.

What’s it like to work for a Christian construction company? Well, “construction language” is limited to (construction language) and (construction language), unless a mistake was made that cost the company money. Should that happen all “construction language” is okay that doesn’t start with “God”, and sometimes that’s okay.

Public schools were in session on Good Friday. (They were closed when I attended them.) I could get out of focus here, but Elaine will make me delete my writing. Schools open on Good Friday means, I will be home with Elaine and no one else. (Elaine works from home all Fridays.) We planned an entire day of honey-dos.

I/we haven’t started our tractor in months, partially because it wouldn’t start and partially because we haven’t needed it. (Except for the time we needed to plow snow off the driveway and it wouldn’t start. We needed it that day!) I was able to get the tractor started. I was glad Boy Twin wasn’t around to help me. He watches something called BlueTube and then he knows EVERYTHING! I started the tractor without him or BlueTube.

Elaine and I were successfully clicking items off our honey-do bucket list, Ivy called from the store. “Monner, the yarn you need to dye just arrived!” Good Friday just changed to Semi-Good Friday.

Ivy informed me I need to come up with an exclusive colorway dedicated to summer.

Me: Can’t I just come into the store and carry something heavy? Ivy: Come up with something really neat! Me: Did mom tell you I got the tractor running? Ivy: Something bright with a bunch of color.

I’m taking a vacation day next Friday.

I would be remiss if I didn’t wish everyone Happy Easter. Regardless of your religion, Easter is a good thing. Enjoy it with your loved ones.

Our crazy lives!


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