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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day 2019 is here and so far, it’s not that great. It’s been great for Elaine, just not for me.

Considering that Mother’s Day actually, legally starts at midnight; the first three hours were okay. However, at 3:00 AM it started to go downhill.

Have you ever been awaken by something that you just couldn’t put your finger on, but something just feels wrong? When you live more than a quarter mile from you closest neighbor, one of the first things you realize is; it gets really dark at night. I don’t know if you are ever truly comfortable outside at night without a headlamp.

Lying in bed at 3:00 AM, I realized our motion activated yard lights were on. Normally, I would have woke Elaine to get up and check to see what was going on. (Something bad could have been out there.) Somehow, (at 3:00 AM) I remembered it was Mother’s Day. I couldn't bring myself to wake Elaine at 3:00 AM on Mother’s Day.

I got out of bed and went to the window, safe with the knowledge that the doors were locked and I may or may not have a spatula that I could throw at any intruder. From the window, I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, the motion activated lights turned off, I went back to bed. (We have had a herd of deer come up to the house for hay and to use the mineral/salt blocks.)

I had almost covered my body with the tiny blanket Elaine does not steal from me while I’m sleeping; when I heard another noise. I said in my outside voice, “Ah, (construction language) now a (construction language) dog wants outside.” (I seem to be using a lot of "construction language" for a holiday') Because my outside voice didn’t work and it was officially Mother’s Day, I got out of bed again to let the dog(s) out. I woke the kids to let the dogs back in. I’m like that.

At 7:00 AM the dog(s) were at the side of my bed wanting out again. My outside voice didn’t wake up Elaine this time, either. I thought, “What the (construction language), I need to get up and write something happy about Mother’s Day anyway.” I got out of bed, this time to remain out of bed.

So, to all the mothers, Happy Mother’s Day. I have spoken to a bunch mothers and most have indicated they would love to receive knit socks or a sweater knit from Dyed by Darrell worsted weight. (I have no idea what I just said. It’s just some lingo, I picked up in the store.)

I would like to say, “Mom, I miss you. I think about you almost every day. Don’t feel bad about leaving, you got out of here just in time. What a view you must have. Thanks for watching over us. Love you.

To the rest of the Moms, especially Elaine, have a happy and blessed day. You are loved!

I would be remiss if I didn’t warn the public that Girl Twin received her driver’s license this past week. She drove alone to her friend’s house and texted me when she arrived at her friends. Just as she was required to do. However, two hours later when I called and texted as to her whereabouts, she didn’t answer. I’m taking the car away. (If Elaine let’s me.) Anyway, be aware!

Our crazy lives!


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