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May Construction Projects

It has not been a very good month in my construction life. I have used “construction language” more times, than I needed to. I’m blaming my sour mood on May; the month of May.

May is a very good month for getting things done in construction, except in the rain. It can rain in May.

Depending on what stage of construction is happening in May, rain can be a problem or rain won’t affect the project at all. Digging dirt, concrete sidewalks; rain is bad. Installing carpet, installing sinks; rain doesn’t matter.

In my current project, we happen to be working in dirt. What’s worse than rain in May? Warm weather and sunshine! What am I talking about?

Warm weather and sunshine cause project owners to say things like,

Owner: Hey Monner, I drove by Saturday on the way to the game. I noticed you weren’t working. Me: Yeah? Owner: Well, I thought you would be working weekends to make up for the days lost to rain and snow. Me: Really? Did I tell you I dye yarn? Owner: Yarn? We are almost two months behind schedule, what are we doing to catch up? Me: We? Not much, it looks like you are going to be driving by on weekends; I will be at home with my family, regretting coming back on Monday to answer these questions. Owner: Seriously? Me: It is called winter in Colorado. I'm not in charge of it. I asked the snow and rain to stop. It didn’t listen to me, never does.

The conversation was over with that. I was preparing to use some “construction language” but the owner walked away. When you come that close to needing “construction language”, it is best to take a couple deep breaths and NOT go to a fast food restaurant. With all that backed up “construction language” inside you, if someone messes up your order anything could happen.

I couldn’t tell the owner that our dirt moving sub-contractor was going to be on vacation last week. The dirt sub-contractors are a late-sixties father and two middle aged sons. They had booked a cruise to the Bahamas last October.

Realizing that they were behind on my project, they reluctantly decided to leave one of the sons at home and Dad and one son would go on the cruise. Sadly, the son left behind decided he was not going to work either. He spent the entire week hiding and enjoying his new boat on the local reservoir. No amount of texting, smart phone calls, and emails could get the boating son to respond and get to work. (I knew about the boat because his employee called me to let me in on the secret.)

It was a bad week for production. Guess what happens next week. Rain, (construction language) rain.

What does this have to with a yarn store in Northern Colorado? Nothing! I don’t know why I write this stuff, when Ivy has instructed me to write about the store. I just couldn’t get focused. So, YOUR DAILY FIBER sells yarn. Stop by and pick some up. Take a class from Ivy. If you take a class from Ivy, chances are you won’t need to come in and have her fix your project.

Our crazy lives!


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