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Memorial Day, Grad Parties and a Beard

The intent of Memorial Day is remember and be thankful for the individual’s that gave their lives for the cause of freedom. The freedom to go camping or have a picnic.

I love camping. Well, I would love camping if I went camping. As the twins get older, they have their own ideas as to what to do on long weekends; including Memorial Day. Now that they are in high school, graduation parties seem to be the thing. Personally, I don’t remember going to graduation parties when I was only a sophomore.

Girl Twin told Elaine and I she was planning on going to some kid with an Irish name’s party. The Irish name is significant because I am of German decent. The Irish are lucky, they can name their children using national heritage. You name your kid Adolf; he/she will never be invited to a party. (Sorry, I let my imagination run a little wild there.)

Anyway, Elaine nor I knew anything about Irish Boy. We did however; know a neighbor of Irish Boy. Elaine put on her Sherlock Holmes hat and called the neighbor.

Elaine: What’s the story on Irish Boy? Neighbor: I really don’t know him, BUT, the cops come to his house and there are rumors about him. Elaine: Girl Twin has been invited to his graduation party. Neighbor: My daughter’s invited also. She is NOT going! Elaine: Thanks, looks like Girl Twin is not going either!

Me: You are not going to the party. Girl Twin: But this will be the last time I ever see him. He is moving to (somewhere). Me: Well, since I have never even heard you mention this clown’s name before, I think you can text him your good-byes. (I have no knowledge of him actually being a clown, but I can be awfully disrespectful when discussing the Twin’s friends. Parental privilege!) Girl Twin: You’re suffocating me! Me: Yes, yes I am!

Girl Twin: Monner and Grandma won’t let me go to Irish Boy’s party! Boy Twin: Who’s Irish Boy? Girl Twin: You know, the senior Irish Boy with the last name. Boy Twin: Isn’t he the kid that has the alcohol/sex parties when his parents leave town? Me: AH HA! Girl Twin: This was a family friendly party.

One more Memorial Day story that has nothing to do with Memorial Day, but it happened on Memorial Day weekend.

Since I have been living in the motel, when I return home for the weekends, I have made it a habit to take the family out to dinner on Saturday night. Of course, the twins have their own lives and rarely attend.

Last night, Elaine, Ivy and I decided to go to dinner. We were seated at a table with my back to the front door. After a short wait, the waitress walked up and said:

Waitress: How are you ladies tonight? What can I get you tonight? Me: Excuse me? Waitress: Oh my God, I saw your beautiful hair from behind, I, I, I, assumed………. Me: Don’t worry, it’s 2019, I can be a woman if I want! (Actually, public opinion is out on this one.) My beard might be a problem, though. Waitress: I am so sorry.

By now, Ivy is dying laughing and texting what just happened to everyone she knows. Elaine sat there smirking.

The food was good, I tipped the waitress. More for the memory than the food or the service. I have the pleasure of sharing it with you.

I have other Memorial Day memories, most of them aren't good. Honestly, I don’t need a holiday to remember. Take the time to think about the ones we loved and lost. Take the time to thank the ones that fought and died to give me the freedom to write this crap on Sundays. God bless every one of them!

Enjoy your picnics! Your Daily Fiber has yarn, get some! (Ivy makes me say that.) Thank you and God bless you guys for reading.

Our crazy lives!


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