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EPWM, Golf Clubs, and MeTube

Ivy pointed out recently that I rarely write about the store, Your Daily Fiber. I reject that premise. People know they can read Monner’s Mumblings and get knitting, weaving and spinning tips. In fact, today I’m writing about a few things that I personally have extreme knowledge of; yarn and something called MeTube.

We will get to those in a minute.

In past years, I have celebrated Father’s Day at the Estes Park Wool Market. As you might guess, Estes Park Wool Market is a fiber festival located in Estes Park, Colorado; that typically took place on Father’s Day weekend.

Father’s Days are stressful anyway. Like when your children get you golf clubs for Father’s Day, and the next credit card bill you get has golf clubs on it. Yes, you paid for your own present. OK, I’m sounding a little bitter.

Who schedules a fiber festival on Father’s Day? Can you imagine your wife saying, “Happy Father’s Day, honey. I’ve got the whole day planned for you. First, I’m driving you to Estes Park and we can spend the whole day together at a fiber festival. At noon, I’m going to take you to a crappy tourist restaurant and you can choose anything on the menu.” Sorry, I seem to have some pent up anger.

I didn’t attend the festival, I worked it! This anger is justified!

Anyway, Your Daily Fiber doesn’t work the festival any longer and it is not on Father’s Day weekend. I guess I should get over it.

Back to the story. Ivy decided to teach at this year’s Wool Market. I thought I was going to get a break from construction and watch the store while she taught her class in Estes. It worked out that Elaine could watch the store and I could/would stay on my construction project.

Of course, with my extreme knowledge of all things yarn, I would have been the obvious choice to watch the store for Ivy, but somehow Elaine was chosen.

The first day of the festival, in the afternoon, Elaine called me and said, “You know those guys that want to interview Ivy for that knitting video?”

Me: What are you talking about? Elaine: You don’t listen to anything, do you? A production company want to interview Ivy and put it on MeTube and their website. Me: Oh yeah, I remember, sort of.

I know a lot about MeTube. Not like how to get to it or anything like that. I know that sometimes I am looking at Spacebook and I will try to watch an old rock and roll video. I click on the big triangle/arrow in the center of the video and the screen goes to MeTube. I watch the video and then I will watch Don Rickles on Johnny Carson and old Eric Clapton videos for a few hours. Construction is hard!

Sorry, distracted again!

Elaine: The production crew wants to do the interview in the store, can you come home. Me: Why? Elaine: We are a family business. Me: They must have heard about me! I bet they read my stories! Elaine: Just come home, this is not about you.

I drove home. I shook the hand of every member of the production crew. While they were interviewing Ivy about knitting, I stood around until I decided to go to the Orange Depot. I didn’t buy anything. I just looked around for thing I will buy myself for Father’s Day.

When I finished my tour of the Orange Depot I went back to Your Daily Fiber. I watched the interview. Ivy is the real deal. She knows more about knitting than I know about MeTube. Ivy, I couldn’t be prouder.

Next week is Father’s Day. Your dad does not want “you” to buy him golf clubs. He wants you to take him to Your Daily Fiber Saturday, to pick out yarn for his golf sweater. Make his friends jealous. Anyone can buy clubs.

Our crazy lives!


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