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Bobbleheads, Bleachers and Water Bottles

Last Sunday, I took the family to a baseball game. I love going to baseball games, but not at the expense of writing my stories on Sunday. (OK, I made that last part up.)

Ivy watches the schedule for “special” games. Last Sunday, the Rockies gave away free bobblehead dolls of Ivy’s favorite player to the first fifteen thousand attendees. The Sipes family now has four FREE bobbleheads. We normally would have five bobbleheads, but Girl Twin remained swimming and boating in Nebraska with friends, passing on a bobblehead of Ivy’s favorite player.

Ivy loves her FREE Booblehead. So much so, in fact, she convinced me to spend $28.00 for the chance to sit in the BLEACHERS in the sun for the day, to get FREE bobbleheads. I'm not much for bleachers. I want a defined seat. I want arm rests and cup holders. Maybe Girl Twin had it figured out, Swimming sunburns are less painful that BLEACHER sunburns Maybe I should try to forget the additional nearly one hundred dollars spent on beer, soft drinks and nachos.

Ivy loves her bobblehead so much she put it on the dining room table. It is looking at me as I type. I wouldn't call it creepy, but OK, it's creepy. Looking at me out of the corner of its eye. The other three bobbleheads are in the house somewhere. Still safely in their boxes where they can't look at anyone.

Happily, the Rockies won the game 10-9. They tried to give the game away, but I would not let them. You don’t think I had anything to do with that. Well then, explain why they haven’t won a game since I was in the BLEACHERS.

OK, that’s enough of that. Our family has had some big things going on. I quit my construction job.

I told my employers that my wife was falling to far behind at the ranch and the store, plus, she just missed me. (I know, I find the last one hard to believe, also.) I will be giving up the raccoon sausage at the hotel continental breakfast four days a week. I’m going to miss that sausage.

Truthfully, another company contacted me four months ago. It was time to make a change. Being home at night is going to be great. Not to mention, I was falling behind in my yarn dyeing. (Now maybe Ivy can quit yelling at me.)

Speaking of dyeing yarn, next Saturday is the beginning the Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl. Pay no attention to the fact that the Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl actually starts in July. I have no idea why no one has ever looked at a calendar, but we mustn’t let that bother us. (I have one more week of motel life. When I get back, I’ll be asking a lot of questions, so you won’t need to.)

Your Daily Fiber will have some new freshly dyed yarns. Actually, I will have some freshly dyed yarns. Stop buy the store for some free stuff. (No $28.00 FREE Bobbleheads. I think I just came up with an idea for next year. Welcome back, Monner!)

Stop by the store, chat with Ivy and Elaine. They really are the best. Stop at any of the eight stores to purchase a Hot August Knits water bottle. You could get really thirsty, looking at all that new yarn.

Our crazy lives!


PS Do not bring aerosol sunscreen to the bleachers. MAnagement will take it from you so you cannot spray your bobblehead.

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