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Happy Birthday, Monner

I’m in a hurry today. I need to get ready for my surprise birthday party. (Yes, I know that Spacebook does not think my birthday is today. My Mom told me I was born on August 4th. I’m going to go with that. She would have known.) Elaine and the kids are taking me to a Colorado Rockies game. It was supposed to be a surprise, but surprises don’t work in our house.

The kids were asking me a couple weeks ago if I had plans for my birthday. Next, they asked where I would like to sit, IF I was going to a game. You didn’t need to be a detective to figure this out.

Anyway, they admitted what was up and I’m going to a game today. Its going to be fun, but before we can head to the game, we need to pick up Boy Twin at his friend’s house. Then we can go pick up Girl Twin at her friend’s house. Summertime sleepovers don’t stop for Monner’s birthday.

If you have any desire to be the first to wish me a happy birthday, you would be too late. Our Great Pyrenees (both of them) decided it would be great fun to wake me shortly after midnight. If they weren’t wishing me a happy birthday, I don’t know what the (Construction language) they were doing. They didn’t want outside, they just wanted to bark. None of the motion sensor lights were on outside. The two of them were just looking out of the window and barking. When Lizzie and Maggie were certain I was awake, they laid down and went to sleep. Of course, no one else woke up to see why the dogs were barking. Happy Birthday, Monner!

At 1:30 AM, the dogs decided it was time to wish me Happy Birthday again. It really was quite a nice gesture to wake me again. After this barkfest, Lizzie and Maggie laid down next to my side of the bed and went back to sleep. This way they could trip me should I need to use the restroom. Me? I laid in bed for another half hour and then another hour before I got out of bed, stepped over the TWO sleeping dogs to get an early start on my birthday. While they slept, I typed. Happy Birthday, Monner!

I’m looking forward to today. What could be better than spending time at a game with your family? I am a lucky and blessed man. (Except for that being, woke up needlessly by dogs’ barking thing. That is not lucky or blessed.)

Ivy tells me you have one more week to participate in the Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl thing. Of course you could miss the Yarn Crawl and still buy yarn, but you can’t expect to win the Grand Prize basket of yarn. I suppose some people don’t want a big basket of yarn. I’m one of those people. Maybe it sounds a little selfish, but if I get yarn today for my birthday, I’m going to be a little disappointed. Does that make me a bad person?

Ivy also tells me, during the Yarn Crawl, she has almost sold out all available space for the Wild West Knitting Retreat. (Which incidentally, I wouldn’t want for my birthday either. That said, I won’t judge you should you want to attend on your birthday.)

Keeping knitting and God Bless you! I hope your birthdays are happy and my dogs wake you on your birthday!

Our crazy lives!


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