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Lunch, $31.65 and Arm-Wrestling

Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl is officially over, at least for us. I think a couple stores might be open today, but Sundays are family days for us. We are closed, it's over. It was a successful yarn crawl for us. It would have been a VERY successful yarn had it not been for me taking Boy Twin out for a hamburger.

Yep, what I thought was going to be nice, turned out to be a bucket list item for Boy Twin and hopefully, me.

Me: Hey, do you want to go to lunch? Boy Twin: Yeah, where to you want to go? Me: It doesn’t matter to me. Are you thinking fast food or sit down?

We decided on a famous burger place. Not the kind of burger place where they bring your burger to the table. It was the kind where you order at the counter, go sit down: and they call you when your burger is ready.

Order Taker: What can we get you today? Boy Twin: I would like a bacon-cheeseburger. Order Taker: What would you like on it? Boy Twin: Oh…….I would like bacon and cheese.

Before you think, “What a smart (Construction Language)." That is exactly what he wanted. He wasn’t trying to be funny.

I pointed to the menu board behind the order taker.

Me: You can have any of those items on your bacon-cheeseburger. Boy Twin: Oh, I would like ketchup. Order Taker: Anything else? Boy Twin: I would like a large drink. Order Taker: What can I we get for you? Me: I would like a bacon-cheeseburger with blah and blah. We can split fries. I would like a small drink. Order Taker: Great, that will be $31.65. Me: $31.65? Wow, I hope Ivy and Elaine are selling a lot of yarn today. Order Taker: What? Me: Nothing.

Here comes the “bucket list” part. In my lifetime, I have stood at the counter of Scotties Drive-In and bought two hamburgers for twenty-five cents each. Two burgers, fries and two drinks, all wrapped in paper, maybe a buck and a quarter. Now I have spent over thirty-one dollars for the same. My life is complete. My hope is that Boy Twin has a chance to buy a burger for twenty-five cents.

Well, there were some small differences. Saturday’s burgers were wrapped in aluminum foil. I suppose that costs extra. And the free peanuts. I’m a little embarrassed, but I thought of filling each one of my pockets with peanuts before I left.

While I was eating, I was thinking about yarn. (This is a yarn store blog. Ivy makes me say something about the store every week. Which reminds me, what the (construction language) is a blog. These are stories. I write yarn store stories! And, sometimes I forget the yarn store part.) Wait, where was I? Oh, I was thinking about yarn.

For $31.65, someone could have bought at least five mini-skeins of Dyed by Darrell at Your Daily Fiber. I looked around wondering if the other customers realized that. I thought about shouting, “What are you people doing here? Go get yarn at Your Daily Fiber! Don't wait, I'll get your peanuts!” $31.65 for two burger, fries and drinks, ridiculous!

One more thing. Last Sunday was my birthday. I think I was spurred by that fact. While I was in Your Daily Fiber, after enjoying my burger and my time with Boy Twin, I challenged Boy-Twin to an arm-wrestling match on the sales counter. (At 16, he is just about inch shorter than me.) I think I pulled a muscle.

Our crazy lives!


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