Limited Knowledge and Girl Twin's Sleepovers

Every once in a while I need to write about something I have limited knowledge of, yarn. However, because these are stories about yarn and a yarn shop, I will try to remain on task and write about yarn.

Yarn is long. Sometimes it is short. Yarn comes in bright colors, except when it come in drab, earthtones, like terracotta; which happens to be one of Elaine’s favorite colors. Simply said, Elaine likes the colors of dirt.

It takes an educated eye to see it, but yarn come in different thicknesses. Someone gave names to the different thicknesses of yarn. Names like lace, worsted, fingering and bulky. Ivy and Elaine know all the names. I just know, thick or thin. My names are easier.

Some yarn is soft, some yarn is scratchy. (Is that a word? Scratchy.) Usually what determines this is what the yarn is made of. Yarns can be made from plant fiber, animal fiber and even plastic. Some people don’t call plastic yarns, plastic. Some people think plastic is bad. However, some think plastic is good. They think animal yarn is bad. Not me! I think it is good to use animal yarn. Personally, I think plastic yarn is almost like animal fiber yarn. Plastic is made from dinosaurs that have been buried under the earth for millions of years. Dinosaurs were animals, right? See, plastic yarns are like animal fiber yarns, just different.

OK, now I have shared my vast knowledge of yarn and Ivy is happy, I will share something I learned about this past weekend. I learned a couple things about the Wild West Knitting Retreat. I learned about Wild West Knitting Retreat because I was allowed to go!

Yep, a couple of the retreaters insisted I come up and be with them. I don’t know if it was reluctantly, but Elaine said, “Yes, why don’t you come up for a while?” I did it, I attended the Wild west Knitting Retreat!

I didn’t get t