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Don't Tell Her That!

It took only three months, after she got her driver's license for Girl Twin to get in a fender bender. I might have had a little to do with it. Girl Twin and I broke Elaine's number one rule. I was talking to her on the phone while the accident occurred. I actually heard the collision.

I also heard what she said immediately after the collision. I didn't know she used "construction language". Come to think of it, since she was in MY truck at the time, the "construction language" might have been coming from me.

Girl Twin: Monner, some guy just hit me.

Me: Where in the (construction language) are you. I'll be right there!

Girl Twin: I was just leaving school. I'm at the stoplight on (blank) and (blank).

It didn't take long after I arrived to see that "some guy" did not hit Girl Twin. Girl Twin hit "some guy". Girl Twin was trying to enter a left turn lane and hit "some guy" who was already in the left turn lane.

Girl Twin was being consoled by "some guy" who I soon found out was named Rob. Rob introduced himself to me as a Colorado native, who realizes the roads are getting too crowded, and (construction language) like this happens.

A city community service officer arrived and quickly determined Girl Twin was at fault. Girl Twin was cited for unsafe lane usage. The officer informed Girl Twin that she would be required to make an appearance in court. The officer told Girl Twin that she could be fined and assessed fees totaling over three hundred dollars plus lose four points.

If the officer would have been more accurate. she (the officer) would have told me, I could be fined over three hundred dollars and Girl Twin could lose four points. I wanted to ask if I could just go to jail.

Girl Twin asked me to accompany her to her court hearing. Since she has no job, no money and no opportunity to do any jail time, (Jail time would interfere with her sleep over schedule.) I thought it best to go with her.

After waiting at her court hearing about an hour, Girl Twin was asked if she would like to speak with the city attorney. She fell silent and looked to me. I said, yes.

We were directed to a tiny room down the hall, not unlike the rooms at a car dealership where the salesperson sets you up for the deal. The city attorney started shuffling papers and pressing the buttons on his keyboard.

Attorney: Something is wrong. We seem to have a clerical problem here. (More shuffling.) These charges can’t be right. Why, don’t you tell me what happened? Me: (looking at Girl Twin) Go ahead. (Makes me sound like a lawyer, doesn’t it?) Girl Twin: I was waiting for the correct spot to enter the left turn lane and the guy behind me sped up and passed me to make the light. Attorney: Well, that can’t be your fault, however, you have a responsibility to avoid accidents. I will suspend the fine and lower the point value. Me: Huh? (I was thinking, “You can’t tell her that! There is no way we will be able to live with her if she thinks it was not her fault. I know her.”)

We filed the necessary paperwork and left the hearing.

Girl Twin: Monner? Me: Yeah. Girl Twin: I batted my eyes at him.

Our crazy lives!


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