17th Birthdays

The twins celebrated their 17th birthday yesterday. At least, I think they did. Ironically, my 17th birthday is probably my most memorable birthday.

Elaine asked the twins a month ago, what they wanted to do for their birthday. Boy Twin, always the procrastinator, said it was way too early to think of that. I seriously doubted that he even knew hat day his birthday is birthday was. This kid might cure cancer someday, but only if his sister wakes him. Thank God, he is a twin. He can depend on his sister to keep him informed as to what day it is.

Girl Twin is a planner. She knows where every social event is taking place for the next two years.

Girl Twin told Elaine, “I will be at a sleep over the night before my (our) birthday. Then, I want to spend the day with (boyfriend). He has to work at 5:00 that afternoon. So, I thought I could come home so you and Monner, could take us to dinner, then Boy Twin and I can open gifts.

After that, there is another sleep over, this time at (another girl’s house). Can I bring a friend to dinner?” Did I mention she was a planner? If Elaine, Ivy, Girl Twin or myself didn’t wake Boy Twin up, he might sleep through the whole thing.

Elaine: What do you guys want for your birthday?

Boy Twin: I don’t know. (No surprise here.)Girl Twin: (a girl) got a car from her parents on her birthday.

Time for Monner to get involved.