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17th Birthdays

The twins celebrated their 17th birthday yesterday. At least, I think they did. Ironically, my 17th birthday is probably my most memorable birthday.

Elaine asked the twins a month ago, what they wanted to do for their birthday. Boy Twin, always the procrastinator, said it was way too early to think of that. I seriously doubted that he even knew hat day his birthday is birthday was. This kid might cure cancer someday, but only if his sister wakes him. Thank God, he is a twin. He can depend on his sister to keep him informed as to what day it is.

Girl Twin is a planner. She knows where every social event is taking place for the next two years.

Girl Twin told Elaine, “I will be at a sleep over the night before my (our) birthday. Then, I want to spend the day with (boyfriend). He has to work at 5:00 that afternoon. So, I thought I could come home so you and Monner, could take us to dinner, then Boy Twin and I can open gifts.

After that, there is another sleep over, this time at (another girl’s house). Can I bring a friend to dinner?” Did I mention she was a planner? If Elaine, Ivy, Girl Twin or myself didn’t wake Boy Twin up, he might sleep through the whole thing.

Elaine: What do you guys want for your birthday?

Boy Twin: I don’t know. (No surprise here.)Girl Twin: (a girl) got a car from her parents on her birthday.

Time for Monner to get involved.

Me: Maybe you haven’t been paying attention all these years. I came from a generation that if we wanted something we worked for it. I have been very clear, you will not get your own car until you have a JOB.

Girl Twin: I clean the bathroom.

Me: You also use that bathroom. That is not a job. (Here it comes.) Do you realize I got a paper route when I was nine years old to earn some of my own money? Get a part time job and we will talk about a car. You might need to pass on a couple sleepovers, though.

Girl Twin: You are so old!

Me: Yes, yes I am.

Girl Twin’s plan was pretty much the plan that was used, with a couple hitches. Elaine ordered gifts online. I’m not an online shopper. If I can’t get whatever from a local brick-and-mortar store, I don’t need it. The gifts didn’t arrive in time for their birthday, but it worked out OK, we found the same thing in a local brick-and-mortar. Yep, Monner 1, Elaine 0!

The Twins 17th birthday started eerily just like mine. With a couple differences. My 17th birthday was on a Saturday, just like the twin’s 17th birthday. My birthday did not start with a sleepover. I did go to dinner with my parents. I brought a friend, (not my girlfriend). After dinner, I left my parents (in a car that I had purchased myself) with my friend.

My friend and I decided to go cruising. My friend and I decided to head west into the mountains and just cruise. We were enjoying the nearly empty country roads, as we had done hundreds of times before.

I might have been enjoying the roads a little too much. (OK, I was.) I was driving faster and faster. I came to a spot in the road with a yellow sign that was marked with an arrow pointing left. My friend yelled, “Go ahead, you’ll make it.” I saw the road disappear in front of the car. We were flying! Not very far or not very long, but we were flying. When the car stopped, I heard my friend say, “I saw the moon go by twice.” I agreed, but I didn’t reply

I saw headlights coming up the road. I told my friend, “We need to get to the road and flag down that car.” He said, “Go ahead, you get up there. My leg is broke, I’ll get there as soon as I can.” I stopped the car, while my friend crawled to the road.

Later, my friend thanked me for breaking his leg. “Hey, thanks, now I can quit my job.” You see, even the 17 year-olds from my generation don’t want jobs.

As you read this, I hope you were able to pick up two life lessons

Lesson #1: Do not buy online. Always buy from brick-and mortar, especially yarn, knitting needles, spinning equipment, weaving equipment and shoes! Did you see how I did that? I added to the story, yarn and all the stuff that you can buy at Your Daily Fiber! Except for shoes, you can buy them online, but they won’t get here in time.)

Lesson #2: When your friend tells you, “Go ahead, you’ll make it.” SLOW DOWN!

Our crazy lives!


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