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Groundhog/Super Bowl Day

Today is Groundhog Day and Super Bowl Sunday 02/02/2020. I can admit that I have watched both of these events. Several times in my life, I have been getting ready for work (not on Sunday), turned on cable news, while getting dressed and watch the festivities. I know those guys dressed like 1880’s bankers and maybe some of the thousands in the crowd believe what they’re watching is real, but, I’m here to tell you that chubby ball of fur couldn’t care less when spring comes. He/she wants to be put back in that box and not wake up until all those people are gone, especially the guys in the Abe Lincoln hats.

Anyway, Ol’ Chubby Phil didn’t see his shadow. I guess spring is right around the corner. Not tomorrow, but right around the corner. Phil says its “spring”, but my “smart” phone says tomorrow schools could be closed because of snow and cold. Insert (construction language) here.

I can also admit that I have watched the Super Bowl. Social media (Spacebook) tells me today is the 54th Super Bowl. I would guess that I have watched about twenty-five of them.

I watched the first two Super Bowls, when my beloved Green Bay Packers defeated the dreaded Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs. As a small boy, I dreamed of playing for my Packers, and God willing, someday I would be the hero of the Super Bowl. As a teenage high-school football player, I realized, “Well, that’s not going to happen.” I realized the closest I was getting to the Packers was maybe I could build a house for one of the players. I went to trade school.

It’s not that I don’t like football, I do. I just lost interest in the players. First, one of the players killed his pregnant girlfriend, another killed dogs, wife beatings and sexual assaults. Football became too much like real life. I don’t like a lot of real life either. OK, before you start judging and yelling at me, I know it is not just football. I have just lost interest.

Let’s talk about yarn.

I’ve had a cold recently. I don’t drink any Mexican beer, so I don’t think it is that Mexicanbeervirus that has been in the news lately. I would be concerned it it was Old#7virus or Kingshatvirus, but Mexicanbeervirus doesn’t scare me.

Actually, I don’t feel that bad. I have a little cough and my right ear plugs up and then pops. I can’t hear very well with my right ear. It’s annoying but not really painful. Here comes the yarn part.

Yesterday, I was “helping” Elaine and Ivy in the store. Ivy had scheduled a yarn rep to come to the store yesterday to show us (Elaine and Ivy. I am not allowed to participate.) the new yarns available this spring. (I don’t know why they try to do this without me. The two of them cannot agree on which yarns they like, and they won’t let me break the tie.) I was running the sales counter while they met with the yarn rep. Well, sort of.

One of our customers placed her purchases on the sales counter. She walked away still chatting (to my right) looking for more yarn to buy. The farther she walked the less I heard. I spun around trying to keep my left ear in play. She changed direction. She was obviously annoyed because I could not answer her questions and I was dancing with myself behind the counter.

I had no choice, I called for Ivy. Ivy gave me one of those, “Can’t you see I’m busy" looks. I think Ivy saw the look of terror on my face. She headed for the sales counter. I passed by her on the way. “I can’t hear this woman.” Ivy saved the day (and the sale). You gotta love that girl.

Don’t tell me the score of the big game tonight. I will most likely watch the highlights later. We won’t try any new Super Bowl recipes. We won’t go to a party.

I will cut firewood for the storm tomorrow. I might even try to talk to Elaine and Ivy about new yarn. I will keep them on my left.

Our crazy lives!


The date is 02/02/2020. Spacebook tells me that is special. I don’t why, but I guess it’s special.

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