Popeye, Long Lines and a PreASS

If you have ever wondered what beervirus, Popeye and breakfast burrito have in common; I’m about to tell you. (I know, you think Monner is about to start rambling, again. Just hear me out, things happen to me.)

Can we agree this beervirus thing is making people crazy? Some businesses are closed, some are open. Some people wear masks, some wear bandannas and some don’t wear any face covering at all. Some people believe everything their government and health departments tell them, which I personally don’t understand. There is plenty of conflicting information out there. (Of course, if you are all in, believing one side, you aren't going to read everything available. Yes. I mean you.)

I have to move on. Elaine has told me I cannot put politics in these stories. She means it! As a matter of fact, she is staring at me right now.

I have noticed people doing crazy stuff. People will sit in long car lines waiting for fast food. I was one of those people.

Now for the backstory. A few years back I was building houses in one single development. A couple miles from that development was a restaurant. Five days a week and sometimes six, I ordered a #3 with coffee at the drive-up window of this restaurant. The staff called me by my first name, not Monner; they called me by my other name. PS I tipped heavily, just sayin'.

I frequented this restaurant so much Elaine will no longer go with me. The staff calls Elaine by her name, ________’s wife! Should I ever want to change from a #3 with coffee, which was seldom, it couldn't happen. My order was already prepared when they saw me coming.

Now that I am building a taco restaurant in another city, I can not stop by for my #3 and coffee. One day this past week, I was back in the old n