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Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl Bike Ride

It’s here! The 2020 Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl is underway. Considering the beervirus, the day was pretty successful. Elaine and Ivy maintained a presence in the store, while I went for a bicycle ride.

I must have been gone too long, because Elaine called from the store, twice. Little did she know, my “smart” watch was acting up, not connecting to the internet. Elaine was stressed, wondering where I was and I was stressed not knowing how many calories I was burning, how far and how long I had ridden.

Elaine doesn’t understand riding a bicycle in 2020. You can’t just get on a bike and start pedaling like we did in our youth. First, a person must sync his/her watch to their phone. Wait, wait, first; a person must have a special costume with a pocket to carry their phone. I didn’t know this when I started my ride, I just had on jean shorts with multiple pockets. I think this offended the real bicyclists I encountered on the trail. However, now that I think about it, they might have been offended because I didn’t have a mask that matched my costume. Actually, I didn’t have a mask at all.

This mask thing, is exactly why I went on the bike ride. I couldn’t see myself sitting in Your Daily Fiber an entire day wearing a mask. Hey, I’ve got a little rebel in me. You put a mask on me for a full day I start thinking about bank robberies.

I actually had a nice time on my bicycle. I had completed my job for the yarn crawl. Ivy had mentioned that it was my job to dye yarn specifically for the crawl, as I had done every other year. Ivy said I could decide which colors to use and I should “just have fun”. I chose three colors, and prepared the dye pots. Life happened. With two of the pots heating nicely, I dropped containers of the third color, sending powdered dye all over the room.

If that wasn’t problem enough, I thought I would just use water to “hose down” the powdered dye. That was a good idea until the dye-injected water started heading for the carpet in the store. My hands were covered with the dry powder from the initial accident. As my hands got wet, everything I touched was getting “dyed.” It was quickly becoming an episode of “I Love Lucy”! Ivy heard the (construction language) and flew into “save the carpet” mode. Ivy saved the day or at least the carpet. I washed the dye off my hands.

The yarn crawl specific yarn is a mixture of colors that resulted because one color was accidentally spilled into two other pots. I hope you enjoy it. BTW, it won’t be duplicated.

Your Daily Fiber is sanitized, masked and waiting for you. Come in and enjoy the yarn crawl.

I deserved a day on my bike.

Our crazy lives!


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