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Another Winter and No Badge

This week will mark the beginning of Winter 2022. More significantly, at least for me this week will mark the anniversary of my back surgery and the start of the other eight surgical procedures I had in the Winter of 2021/2022. Who is complaining? I can walk and even run if someone like the cops are chasing me. This is an unsubstantiated opinion, but I think if a cop were chasing me I could and would make a respectable showing.

Honestly, I don't know why I'm saying this. I am thankful to be able to walk, stand, sit, and get my (construction language) off the floor. I'm not crazy about bending over and picking up the things I've dropped.

I'm thinking about going back to work. I filled out an application for a job advertised on social media. If I was a few years younger I would have wanted the job. The job was reasonably close to my home. Living where I live, you get used to traveling a little to get to work.

Elaine and I weighed the pros and cons. It is extremely possible, Elaine wants me out of the house. Not to mention, she is the only one that has had an income for the last fourteen months. None of what I just wrote adds to the story, other than Elaine encouraged me to apply.

The job had a lot of interaction with the public. It was a part-time job. (Pro) The hours varied. (pro/con) I could work nights, weekends, and holidays. (con) I would be required to get to work in all conditions. No excuses. (con) Health, dental, 401K, eye care, retirement (Ha-ha) (definitely pro) Uniforms, no shorts. (con) The best pro of all, I get to wear a badge!

The further I got along in the application process, the more I questioned why I would take this job. I provided the names of friends and associates for a background check. I filled out a written application that took six hours on the computer. I took several tests. I was phone interviewed by a woman in Texas. She asked if I was moving closer to the job. She reminded me, if hired I must be at work every time I was scheduled. I explained I realized that, and that I would comply. She asked some questions that reminded me why I don't enjoy many people. (not you guys!) My mind started drifting to a strange place. Who was this woman? Was she really in Texas? She had a woman's first name, but what does that mean? Why is she asking me this stuff?

The Texas woman scheduled another phone interview. It looked like I was going to get my badge. The second interview didn't go well. The questions were stupid and I will do stupid, but I didn't impress the interviewer.

The night after the second interview it started to snow. CDOT closed the highway between our home and the job.

Elaine: You can't take that job.

Me: I was thinking the same thing, but what about my badge?

Elaine: You are not taking that job.

The woman in Texas agreed with Elaine. She didn't offer me the job. I'm going to need to buy my own (construction language) badge and just sell yarn. I guess I will just sell yarn and stuff.

Winter will be here in a few days. Some of you guys are running out of wool and other fibers that will keep you warm. Contact us and we can get it to you. Have a safe and healthy winter.

Our crazy lives!



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