Construction or Easter

It’s Easter. It won’t hurt my feelings if you would rather be with your family and attend church services instead of reading Monner’s Mumblings. Easter is more important than Monner’s Mumblings. May God Bless you.

If you choose to read so be it. I have stories to tell.

I started a remodel of a building that is headquarters for Public Works of a nearby county. For those of you wondering Public Works is the department that maintains roads and sidewalks, cleans and repairs county buildings, mows lawns and weeds of county property. This building houses offices for men with ties (No women) and personnel (Men and women) that work with shovels and saws.

My job as an on-site project supervisor is to make sure the impact on county goings-on is kept to a minimum. I need to keep one eye on the construction and one eye on the interaction of county employees and construction workers.

I have completed projects for billionaires. I have sat at a table and discussed a construction project with US Senators. I have found that no one has more self-importance than county government employees in ties.

Not included in the construction project, this building houses a kitchen/breakroom. Nothing fancy, a sink, a couple of refrigerators, three tables, twenty, or so chairs. Several times a day, county employees gather in this room for lunch or coffee breaks.

It may surprise everyone but construction workers enjoy having a clean, comfortable place to take lunch and breaks. As exciting as it sounds it's really not that great eating lunch sitting in the dirt and debris of a construction site.

A couple of the plumbers spotted the kitchen/break room and asked a county employee if they could take lunch in th