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Create Space and New Glasses

The year 2024 has begun and Elaine is going to make the best of it. 2024 will be the first full year of Elaine and me being empty-nestors. That is if one or more of the kids do not move home.

Elaine has decided to purge the house of things that the kids have left behind and things she deems we no longer need. She is removing everything. It has gotten so bad I'm afraid to sit for more than twenty minutes in one spot for fear of being stuffed in a black trash bag and set on the pickup for transport to the landfill. She claims the purge is to create more space.

About a month or so ago Elaine asked me if I thought it was a good idea to buy a new love seat to make our television room appear bigger.

Elaine: What do you think about getting a new loveseat?

Me: Why?

Elaine: We can take the couch in the TV room, put it in the basement, and enjoy more room in the TV room.

Me: We have a couch in the basement. Elaine: We can send that one to a thrift store.

Me: You know what happens when I move furniture.

It is time for full disclosure. How our marriage survived the early years took some major divine intervention. Living in a small apartment, with cheap furniture we spent many a weekend rearranging furniture to create more space. It didn't help that Elaine was enrolled in a class studying Frank Lloyd Wright's designs. We spent weekend after weekend moving the couch over here, and then putting it over there, only to put it back over here. I spent the first year of our marriage (construction language) off. Elaine cried a lot.

Moral: Monner doesn't move furniture.

Elaine: I can get it done without your help.

Me: Since you are the only one with a job, you get to do what you want. I will never use the loveseat but do what you want.

Elaine: I've ordered it. do you want to see a picture?

Me: No

Elaine: It will be here in three weeks

Me: How does it get in the house?

Elaine: I've got that handled, Boy Twin

Me: Grandma's loveseat will be here Friday

Boy Twin: I haven't been to work in two days, I'm really sick.

Me: (Construction language and more construction language. Sounds like beervirus.

Boy Twin: Can you postpone it?

Me: (Construction language)

Friday comes, Boy twin is still sick and not even answering the phone.

Delivery Truck Driver: My truck is too big to get through your gate.

Me: Go around it

Driver: You are going to need to meet me on the street. Bring your pickup and we will put the loveseat on it.

The loveseat is packaged in a large cardboard box. I said large, didn't I? Too large to get through any door. The loveseat needs to be unpacked outside, It is twenty-four degrees and the wind is blowing twenty miles per hour. I hate that (construction language) loveseat, Frank Lloyd Wright, beervirus, and the entire house.

I mentioned, didn't I that the TV room couch was too big to go down the stairs to the basement? The TV room couch is outside on the deck, waiting to go to a thrift store. Do you see trouble coming here? The good thing about this new loveseat is that we have created two hundred forty square inches of extra space in our TV room. Thank's Frank.

With my advanced age, it has been determined that I need glasses for computer work. I could decide to stop all this crazy writing on the computer, but Elaine's insurance allows me to buy glasses. That's what I did.

On a typical Saturday Elaine and I run errands in town, grocery store, Orange Depot, etc. A couple of Saturday's ago, I stopped at a big box membership store to get my glasses. I received notice that my glasses were in and that I should stop by the store and pick them up.

As I said, it was a big box membership store, which worked perfectly. We were able to pick up a salmon filet, frozen pre-made soups that Elaine loves, prescriptions, and a few incidentals. We made our purchases and left to run our next errand.

In the parking lot of the next store on our list, I remembered something.

Me: We bought all that stuff in the big box and I didn't pick up my glasses.

Back to the Big box! Buy yarn, love ya, God bless

Our crazy lives!



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