Furs, and no Moose

Another busy weekend. I apologize for being so late with the story. I had a meeting in town this morning at 8:00 AM. I am consulting a friend of Elaine's to remodel a room in her home. I have plenty of time for meetings but unfortunately, the carpenter I was meeting does not. I met with him at 8:00 AM on a Sunday. I must be a really nice guy.

Knowing I had this meeting I started writing this story last night. I had a good start on the story. I wish I would have "saved" before I shut off the computer. Actually, I wish I had a typewriter and paper. None of this "saving" (construction language). Not only do I lose everything I've done, Elaine tells me retroactively that I should have "saved" and how to "save".

OK, here we go again. I don't think this will be verbatim, but it will be close. I will sort of be plagiarizing myself.