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Ivy and Iceland

When Elaine, Ivy, and I opened Your Daily Fiber, I guess I should include the twins, we all had specific tasks. Deeply engaged in a construction career my task was to install flooring, paint walls, build displays, and all the stuff that required great intellect and above-average physical strength. I thought my job was complete when the store opened.

While I was resting from my hard work, I read somewhere that yarn stores had websites and something called blogs. I went to Ivy and suggested we needed one of those blog things.

Me: We need a blog

Ivy: I agree, take care of that.

Me: I was thinking you should do it

Ivy: What do you do here? Me: I'm kind of the idea guy

Ivy: Well here's an idea, why don't you write a blog

Me: Well, I do know a lot about yarn and stuff. I'll get Elaine to do it.

As you can see, it didn't work out as I thought. I hope you've enjoyed my knitting stories. I hope you were able to share some of the knowledge that I have shared in these stories. With that in mind, I going to tell another knitting story, one in which I am not the star. Ivy is the star. Don't worry, I'm in the story but I'm not the star.

As a child Ivy was taught to knit by Elaine. Ivy did what every red-blooded American kid who wanted to play outside with her knitting knowledge, she tabled it.

I can't say when her interest came back, but when it did she was all in. Ivy's interest was different than Elaine's. Ivy was interested in the math, counting, the patterns. Elaine understands counting and patterns, but doesn't use them. Ivy started reading books, searching for knowledge. It wasn't long and dare I say, Ivy was/is a better knitter than Elaine. I have never competed head-to-head with Ivy, so that has yet to be decided.

As time went on Ivy started teaching knitting at guilds and trade shows, not to mention in the store, YOUR DAILY FIBER. I forgot to mention that Ivy has a couple of Master's certificates from some knitting board. She has designed and published patterns for knitting magazines. As I mentioned before, Elaine has no interest in patterns, and none of mine have been published.

Before I go any further, I would like to remind you that I write these stories. I don't have any Master's certificates from any blog board, and for that matter, I don't have correspondence from an elementary school teacher telling me good job, Monner. I don't know why this paragraph is necessary.

Anyway, when the brick-and-mortar YOUR DAILY FIBER store closed, Ivy once again tabled her knitting, well sort of. She knitted for fun and schemed. She planned on taking a trip, a trip she might not have accomplished had we not closed the store. Ivy planned a trip to Iceland. Icelandic knitting, horseback riding, food, (although some of it sounds gross) the Northern Lights. Ivy wanted it all. After two years of planning, Ivy is in Iceland.

I'm not sure if it is a vacation. Ivy has a hard time relaxing. The six-hour time change made the first day a little hard to get used to. Things amplified.

Ivy bought a new car earlier this year. She had decided to have some warranty work done while she would be in Iceland. The timing was perfect. Except, this new car is somehow connected to her "smart" phone. The combination of Iceland, a "smart" phone, and a "smart" car proved to be not such a good idea.

Ivy: Monner, my phone alarm is telling me my car's windows are down.

Me: Aren't you in Iceland? Ivy: My windows are down Me: What do you want me to do?

Ivy: Call the dealership, and tell them my windows are down

Dealership: Yep, the car is in the shop and the windows are down

Me; They know, go to sleep

Ivy: I'm having a hard time

A couple of days later,

Me: Have you slept?

Ivy: Finally, how's my car? Me: Still at the shop, relax

Elaine: How was your knitting class Ivy: Exactly the same class I have taught in Estes Park

Ivy saw the Northern Lights. She sent back photos of her knitting while sitting on a glacier. She can't do that here.

I hope you enjoyed this knitting story, I'll get back to talking about me next week.

Thanks for the online orders, keep them coming. God Bless.

Our crazy lives!



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