New Furniture

Moving your Daily Fiber to an online store reminds me of being a newlywed again. It has been great for the most part and just a tiny bit bitter. Unfortunately, it is the bitter part that reminds me of being a newlywed.

I was a young carpenter (an extremely handsome carpenter no less) when Elaine and I were married. Elaine was working in a clothing store while in her last year of college. Money was tight. We lived in one-bedroom apartment in an 8-plex apartment near downtown. We shared a balcony with a couple of grad students, one from Afghanistan, the other from India.

Our living room furniture consisted of a couch, a chair, and shelves made from concrete cinder block and 2x6 boards. The couch and matching chair is best described, as sponges covered with tan corduroy fabric. I’m getting to the bitter part.