One Door Handle and Slippers

We have made it through the first month of 2021 and this (construction language) year is not getting any better.

So far this month the wind has blown every day, with at least two days of top gusts more than eighty miles per hour. Here is the last day of the month and at least for this minute, the wind is not blowing. Maybe better things are ahead.

I’ve been working on the same construction project since last spring. I am now in the ninth month of construction. I say this because the project was projected to last six months. Every Tuesday since the start of this project I have attended an early morning OAC meeting. I know that some of you are thinking I am breaking the promise to Elaine that I will never bring politics into Monner’s Mumblings. OAC, in this case, has nothing to do with the young representative from the state of New York. Although, some of the ideas discussed at the