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One Hour; No Politics

It was really nice going to bed last night carrying the thought of having an extra hour of sleep. Elaine and I stayed up a little later than usual. I have mentioned we have a new satellite system that allows us (almost) unlimited streaming. Elaine tells me we get a terabyte per month now. Elaine loves to keep me informed, knowing I have no (construction language) idea of what she is talking about.

We've been watching an organized crime show/comedy on Metflex. We stayed up to watch the end of the series because of that beautiful extra hour of sleep we were getting in the morning. As luck would have it, it didn't work out quite that way.

I might have mentioned in these stories that I am a light sleeper. I usually use earphones to drown out unwanted noise. My earphones are connected to one of those Ipod things and I have NPR playing softly in my ears each night. (Just wondering, why do they call it National Public Radio? The only nations they talk about at night are Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Brazil, and China. Why can't we call it ENBONPR? Every Nation But our Nation Public Radio. Maybe we could ask those other nations to chip in a little cash for the exposure.

I'm sorry. When Ivy and Elaine asked/forced me to write these knitting/yarn stories, I was given the directive, NO POLITICS! I guess they know who I am. That last paragraph almost got the best of me, and here's a little secret. Ivy and Elaine don't watch me as closely, since we closed the brick-and-mortar. It could happen again.

Let's get back to an extra hour of sleep. Lizzie, our twelve-year-old Great Pyrenees, did not get the extra hour memo. The battery in my Ipod lasts about eight hours before it needs recharging. I was awakened by no sounds coming from my earphones, and a weird noise coming from next to my bed. The atomic clock on the wall was telling me I have one more hour of sleep before I need to get up and tell a story. But that sound. It was deafening. It sounded like something was slurping. Lizzie was licking her feet. Now I can't tell you that at least for a second, I was envious as all get out. Come on! Who would want to lick their feet? But that sound was really irritating. I plugged in my Ipod and tried to drown out the sound. The sound was either too loud, or I was fixated. It didn't matter, I was awake, without my extra hour. Time to tell a story.

I promised Elaine and Ivy not to get political. They (and maybe some of you) think I am breaking my promise, but I find this story just too amusing.

Politics have always been discussed in our house. No one's opinion is more important than anyone else. We have one twin that is Pro-life (with reservations). We have another twin that is Pro-choice (with reservations). Both can debate efficiently from their sides. My side? Nope, that would be political and has nothing to do with knitting and yarn.

One of the twins has enrolled in online classes. To pay for his/her classes he/she cleans houses for families in the area. He/she knew I would be amused by a conversation with one of their clients.

Client: Is this the last house of the day?

Twin: Yes Client: What are your plans for the rest of the day?

Twin: I am meeting my grandfather to pick up my ballot for the upcoming elections

Client: I see, he probably wants to tell you how to vote.

Twin: I know how to vote. We may vote the same but it would be because we agree

Client: I see by the stickers on your vehicle you and I don't agree

Twin: I have made it a policy not to talk politics with clients

Twin was discussing the day with me.

Twin: Monner, this was the first time this client didn't tip me for the job

Me: That's funny, Had she never seen your bumper stickers before?

Twin: I can't answer that. But it might have been another reason

Me: What is that?

Twin: She has a coffee table in the living room. If has so much crap on it I usually don't dust it. Today I dusted the table. I knocked a small box off the table. The box opened and the weed came flying out. The whole house smell like weed.

Me; Ah, she might have thought you tipped yourself.

Twin: Yeah, it is possible, but she has seen my stickers

I hope you enjoyed your extra hour. If you are looking for a house cleaner, I know a twin that might be able to help you. If you are looking for yarn and knitting stuff, we might be able to help with that. God Bless, keep fibering!

Our crazy lives!



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