One Hour; No Politics

It was really nice going to bed last night carrying the thought of having an extra hour of sleep. Elaine and I stayed up a little later than usual. I have mentioned we have a new satellite system that allows us (almost) unlimited streaming. Elaine tells me we get a terabyte per month now. Elaine loves to keep me informed, knowing I have no (construction language) idea of what she is talking about.

We've been watching an organized crime show/comedy on Metflex. We stayed up to watch the end of the series because of that beautiful extra hour of sleep we were getting in the morning. As luck would have it, it didn't work out quite that way.

I might have mentioned in these stories that I am a light sleeper. I usually use earphones to drown out unwanted noise. My earphones are connected to one of those Ipod things and I have NPR playing softly in my ears each night. (Just wondering, why do they call it National Public Radio? The only nations they talk about at night are Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Brazil, and China. Why can't we call it ENBONPR? Every Nation But our Nation Public Radio. Maybe we could ask those other nations to chip in a little cash for the exposure.