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Pain and a Purse

Well, I’m glad that week is over. Somehow, I had never envisioned that a doctor's appointment was something to look forward to. Imagine my delight that I had two doctor’s appointments this past week. One was a doctor I had never seen before. A pain specialist.

There was something about this guy that made me like him. He used “construction language”! Now, I’m sure some of you would not be appreciative of your doctor using “construction language”, but somehow it put me at ease.

The doctor spent a few minutes looking at x-rays and other charts. As he turned around to speak, I noticed his graying hair and his “happy” eyes above his beervirus mask. I’m sure he was smiling under that mask, when he said, “Man, are you (construction language). Injections are not an option. This is how we can help you.”

Elaine and I left the appointment feeling hopeful. The hopeful feeling quickly changed to panic. I was sitting quietly in the car with my crutches stowed neatly in the backseat when Elaine screamed, “My purse, I can’t find my purse”! She looked under the car seats before leaving the car running, car door open, she ran back into the doctor’s office, leaving me and the car blocking valet parking. I did say she ran, didn’t I? Hmmm, haven’t seen that in thirty years. It was shaping up to be a great day.

Elaine didn’t leave her purse in the doctor’s office. She remembered she left it in the trunk of the car. She even remembered why it was in the trunk of the car. Life is good.

My doctor's appointment happened to be on the same day as the scheduled power shutdown at home. That made for a strange day. Elaine was able to go to her office and work. I saw no reason to go home and ended up taking a nap in our car under a tree at a park.

Knocked two of them off the bucket list. Slept under a tree in the park and exchanged “construction language” with a doctor in a beervirus mask. Three, if you consider watching Elaine run.

I can’t say if I’m getting the hang of this retirement stuff, but I did start reading a book. It’s too early to say if I will finish the book. It’s really hard keeping track of the characters if they all have Muslim names. I ride a stationary bike while I read and/or watch television. I watch travel shows to help me pretend I’m somewhere besides our studio. It seems to work until I watch a show about native cuisines. That just makes me hungry,

I would like to thank all of you who placed an order from Your Daily Fiber. Feel free to do it again and get your friends to do the same. Last week was Tax Day for the store. It makes paying taxes a little more palatable knowing everyone is helping out.

Our crazy lives!



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