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Phones and Leg Wraps

I did it! Unfortunately, so far, I’m not happy about it. I wasn’t convinced I would like it, but Elaine said it would make life easier, and she would help me if I got in trouble. Oh yeah, I traded my old phone for a fruit phone.

My old phone and I do mean old, started glitching out. I was in the middle of conversations with doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and the like; the phone would just shut off. That in itself was not reason enough to switch to a fruit phone.

I can only guess that my recent health scare left me vulnerable and weak. Add that to the fact that Elaine could help me adjust. I caved in. Not to mention the sales kid at Horizon cellular pushed pretty hard.

It is not that I can’t learn to use the phone, I just don’t want to. So far it has been easier just to hand it to Elaine and let her navigate. This brings me to another point.

For the last six-plus months' Elaine has driven everywhere we have needed to go. With legs that looked like elephant legs fitting in the driver's seat and operating the gas and brake pedals just wasn’t happening. I sat quietly in the passenger seat, sometimes with my eyes closed as Elaine hugged the right side of the road terrifying me.

I am able to drive now. Elaine has the audacity to critique my driving.

Elaine: Slow down, I see deer ahead. Me: Are those dark spots up there deer? Let me use the binoculars and maybe I’ll be able to see them Elaine: Do you know you are way above the speed limit in the mountains and below the speed limit on the highways? Me: I’ve been driving for fifty years, I have rights.

Somehow, I have drifted from the fruit phone story. I apologize.

Getting back to fruit phones. The sales kid spent 45 seconds with me teaching me how to “easily” transfer information from my old phone to the fruit phone. What he didn’t tell me was I am not capable of transferring information. Elaine needed to do that. Of course, Elaine needed thirty minutes of help from Horizon customer service. By the way, did you know that customer service can totally take over your phone from wherever they are? Yep, Elaine is talking to customer service and I’m watching the photos on my phone scroll on by, and we aren’t touching the phone.

Have you ever done something and later wondered why? I bought the fruit phone watch that pairs with the fruit phone. I can be my own enemy.

A quick health note. My doctors insist that I wear compression socks from my toes to my knees. This started while I was in the hospital and continues today. In the hospital, the nurses decided against the socks and decided to wrap my legs with elastic bandages. It worked great, I guess.

Leaving the hospital, I was sent home with instructions to purchase compression socks. Fifty-two dollars later I found the socks at a local pharmacy. The socks lasted one day. Back to the leg wraps.

The wraps worked OK, but I needed Elaine to take time (15 min) to wrap my legs every morning. We searched the Nile for socks. We found some that seemed to last and take only twenty minutes and Elaine’s help to get them on.

Buy yarn! God Bless you guys. Remember the people of Ukraine. Love ya!

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