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Spent the Day

I did something this past week that I don't like doing. I went car shopping. But you know what? It was one of the best times I've had in a while.

Years ago, I was in need of a new (used) pickup truck. The twin were young and Elaine and I were attending and carrying stuff to trade shows. That was the main issues that set the parameters of what I was looking for. I needed room and a seat belt for each twin, and plenty of cargo space.

I mention a seat belt for each twin. Back in the day (which is a term that kids use that I am not totally sure I use correctly, so I will never use it again), I rode in my Dad's pickup with at least three brothers. Not one of us even had a seat belt. Of course, the idea back then was to be packed into the seat of the pickup that there was no way to move let alone fly out.

Maybe, just maybe, if we didn't have seat belts and airbags, people would look before changing lanes and wouldn't run stop signs. People get overconfident and stupid. Just sayin'. (Another kid saying) I've got so many great ideas, I'm thinking of running for President.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I needed to buy a pickup. I narrowed my search to two white pickup crew-cab pickup trucks (Painted white pickups with back seats) One had a gasoline motor with reasonably low miles, and the other had a diesel motor and equally low miles.

That diesel truck was special. With leather seats, a sound system, six tires, and wheels for carrying large heavy stuff or pulling trailers; it had it all, including a small television for playing DVDs. Perfect for entertaining twins on road trips. I bought it.

Soon our family named the truck "The Beast", for its ability to push through deep snow. "The Beast" was a member of our family. Fast forward.

Girl Twin needed a ride or needed to drive to school. Boy Twin had no desire to drive himself, and now looking back, he did have much of a desire to go to school anyway, why drive?

I let Girl Twin drive the beast to high school. After one fender bender, one hit and run in the school parking, soon "The Beast" was showing a little age. "The Beast" developed transmission problems.

Mechanic: Your transmission is full of water, do you drive this in rivers?

Me: No, pretty sure I would remember that. Mechanic: That will be $3500.

It wasn't long and "The Beast" was missing its front bumper. And then, poor Girl Twin and "The Beast" were hit by a large male deer. Not HIT a deer, but hit BY a deer. The self-adjusting driverside mirror was gone. the windshield is/was a mosaic, new dents on the hood. The deer didn't like the fact that it was laying in the bed of the truck, so it jumped out and ran into the forest. Can you guess where the story goes from here?

Me: The Beast is yours, I will not pay to fix it anymore

Girl Twin: It gets really bad fuel mileage and diesel is expensive

Me: When you are ready, sell it.

Last week, Girl Twin sold "The Beast". I thought the story would end here. Nope!

Girl Twin: Monner, can we go find a new car?

Me: Who is we? Girl Twin: You and I

I had a great time. We went to breakfast and lunch, we laughed, it was like when Ivy was young and for the day I was young, learning new kid talk, getting lessons on how to use a phone. (I didn't want a phone lesson, but don't tell her.) We didn't buy a car, but we/she will. BTW, we still use tried and true pronouns, SHE! OOPS, that was political.

Our crazy lives!



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