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Timing is everything. If you read last week you know I don't celebrate Memorial Day. Since the passing of our son Elaine and I have spent Memorial Day weekends hiding. We typically schedule a short family car trip to the mountains.

Our trip during the first beervirus year was planned around the wearing of masks. Colorado was masked up tighter than Boy Twin's safe. (He keeps his money in a safe) Wyoming! some places in Wyoming were mask free. Elaine got all vaccinated up and we planned a trip to Wyoming.

We had been to Wyoming a few times before. Wyoming is a combination of old-west history and natural beauty... National Parks, the most god-forsaken long boring interstate highways, geysers, hot springs, and the birthplace of Chris Ledoux.

Taking backroads, avoiding the interstate we observed wildlife, we saw beautiful lakes and rivers (Has anyone thought that the word beautiful has a lot of vowels. Sorry, sometimes I lose focus.) before coming to a town named after a cartoon ghost and a mattress. Hey don't blame me, I didn't name the town.

I don't remember which one of us was hungry, maybe both of us. In Wyoming it is pretty easy to find a steak if you're in the mood. You can even get bison steaks if that's your pleasure. We stopped at an upscale-looking restaurant that Koogle gave four-and-a-half stars.

Turns out the restaurant became our favorite restaurant on the planet. I'm sure the steaks are great, but the ahi tuna with a balsamic glaze was to die for. A thousand miles from an ocean, in the middle of Wyoming and this place is serving killer food.

Anyway, this Memorial Day, Elaine and I planned on duplicating part of that trip. The timing just wasn't quite right.

Since childhood, Elaine has worn glasses. Go ahead and picture Mrs. Magoo. That is Elaine without glasses. About a month ago Elaine bent her glasses and getting them rebent to where her eyes were lined up with her progressive lenses wasn't working. Luckily it was time for her yearly appointment with her eye doctor, The timing was great. Her new glasses were set to arrive the day after Memorial Day, which meant she would not see clearly on our trip. The timing was not good.

Me: Why don't we postpone our trip for a week so you will have your glasses?

Elaine; That sounds great. I've made some reservations that I will move one week.

Me: I've been talking to Boy Twin and he would like to come home and assemble the greenhouse anyway.

Elaine: Let's wait a week.

Our trip was moved. Elaine's glasses actually arrived the day before Memorial Day. We didn't need to change our plans. The timing would have been perfect.

After the Memorial Day weekend was spent assembling a greenhouse with Boy Twin, Elaine and I were admiring the work we had accomplished. Elaine looked at me and said, "Do you really want to go on our trip?"

We didn't go on our trip. I'm sitting here typing looking out of the window watching it rain. No ahi tuna with a balsamic glaze for me this year. Unless the timing works out for later this summer.

I just looked at the calendar. My mother went to her heavenly home on this day thirty-six years ago. "Mom, If you read this (construction language) I need to tell you you were right. I should have paid attention in school.'

Okay, love you guys. God Bless. You need yarn, we have yarn. It's meant to be.

Our crazy lives!



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