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Trip to the Airport

I was fortunate to take one of my children to the airport this week. I know what you are thinking, you think Monner is happy to get rid of one of his kids? Well, truthfully, that is nice but it was only for the weekend so how happy should I be? Just kidding.

It was supposed to be a nice time. We were going to spend two hours (+,-) together, chatting and enjoying each other's company. Well, unbeknownst to me it didn't happen that way. I guess I scared my child.

Before I tell this story, I would like to say I have driven on I-25 to Denver thousands of times. I consider myself an expert. I'm not kidding. I started working on construction projects in Denver in 1981. I've worked in a couple of dozen states since, but I have spent most of my career in Denver.

I have changed lanes with and without turn signals. I have dodged accidents on snow and ice. I have knowingly exceeded the speed limit. All while holding a hand-held burrito, and sometimes a phone. That's another story for later.

I wasn't sure I wanted to drive to Denver this week, but when my child asked so nicely I thought what the (construction language) I could work it into my "busy" schedule. My child had considered taking a shuttle, my child considered parking at the airport. Nothing seemed to be the perfect scenario, so ask Ol'Monner.

We agreed to take the kid's car. I knew I was driving back from the airport, but we needed to discuss who was driving to the airport.

Kid: Do you want to drive? (While standing outside the passenger door) Me: It doesn't matter to me Kid: Go ahead and drive Me: OK, What time do we need to be at the airport? Kid: 12:30. but the airline texted and told everyone to get there as early as possible

That was all I needed to hear. Or maybe that was all I did hear, I can't be sure. At any rate, I jumped in the driver's seat. I drove to the first fast-food to use the restroom. (Construction language) diuretics! TMI?

Off to the airport. One of the great things about living in Colorado is I-25. I-25 has been under construction since the Eisenhower administration and will still be under construction under Baron Trump's administration. (Calm down, I'm just fantasizing.)

A person cannot get to the desired speed in all those construction zones. There is always considerable stop and go. Did I say go? You need to get it while you can.

The kid's car is fairly new. OK, it is new. It is one of those sporty flashy SUVs. It is amazing how smooth and quiet it is. My kid was showing me Sirrus radio and hooking my phone to the car's speakers. I was doing the stop and GO.

Kid: Monner, do you know you are driving 91 MPH?

Me: Wow, I had no idea. This car really scoots along.

Ironically, I was not passing any other cars or being passed. All the cars were scooting along, but I slowed to 76MPH. A mile or so down the highway a state trooper parked along the road. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my kid looking at me with that condescending "I should have let you get caught" look.

We arrived at the airport safely and early, exactly at noon. I don't believe I put anyone in the ditch along the way. We hugged and said our goodbyes. I headed home.

Before I was off the airport grounds I thought I would be cool and phone Elaine with the phone/speaker setup. It was working Great.

Elaine: The kid called Me: Really? Already?

Elaine: It seems you were driving 90 MPH

Me: The kid lies, I was driving 91 MPH.

Elaine: You were braking hard.

Me: I am calling the kid.

Kid: Hello Me; Why did you lie to Mom?

Kid: WHEN did I lie?

Me: you said I was driving 90 MPH, I was driving 91 MPH

Kid: Just take care of my car, please

What was not told to me until later, the kid told Elaine I would not be driving that car again. You know, the kid's right, I won't be going to the airport either.

Ok, you might have noticed I have been very careful in keeping names out of the story. I will give you a hint, it is the one with a new car. One more thing, Elaine's and my Volkswagen never ran like that.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. These stories are about yarn and the fiber arts. (Well, sometimes) We want to thank you for the online orders we have been receiving and keep them coming. I will even drop your order off at the airport if requested. Feel free to tell your friends. God bless. If you see a blue Volkswagen putting down the highway, don't use (construction language), it's my kid.

Our crazy lives!




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