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What Day is it?

So I woke up from my daily afternoon nap only to realize today is Mumbling day and I didn't write anything. For those of you that are interested, things are going pretty well. I have NOT been in a hospital in over a week, for the first time in 2022.

Oddly enough, there are things about the hospital I miss. I met lots of wonderful nurses, aides, and doctors. But honestly, I won't miss all of them either. And I certainly won't miss hospital rules and those nurses that enforce them.

It was a hospital rule that I could not be alone in my restroom without hospital staff in the room with me. I can't say this for everyone, but I can't (construction language) with someone watching me. I had a couple of nurses who insisted hospital rules were going to be used. Well, I didn't (construction language for five days, and when I did everyone paid. We (not me) scrubbed the floors, walls and I got a fresh gown. OK, it might not have been as bad if they would have come when I pressed the "Nurse Call" button.

Then there was the night I was anxious. They gave me a sleeping pill, I'm guessing they wished they hadn't. I woke up on the floor complete with pillow, and blankets, with about six nurses standing above me discussing how they were going to get me back in bed. That episode got me on a "high fall risk" list. I tried to tell them I shouldn't be on any fall list, as I didn't fall, I just laid on the floor.

I have had a doctor's appointment, which actually makes me feel good just to get out of the house. When I left the hospital I could not walk more than about ten steps with the aid of a walker or cane. I walked over a mile Friday, which might have been too much. I'm pretty sore.

Elaine took me to work with her last Tuesday so I could walk the corridors. Her office building is huge and since beervirus, plenty of empty rooms for me to walk around in.

It was working pretty well until I sat at an empty desk complete with an office-style chair on wheels. As I sat the chair rolled backward and completely left the area. Loudly, I fell into the desk bringing Elaine's workmate to the office to find out what just happened. I walked outside in the parking lot after that.

That said, I'm getting better every day. My legs cannot now be compared to elephant legs. I resting today, so this is a short one. God Bless you guys.

Our crazy lives!



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